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Want To Make Money Blogging ........... FactsYou Must Know Before You Start

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Easiest way to make money online

Are you looking to make money with little to no work, and as quick as possible? Have no fear - doing so is easy! The idea of getting rich quick and making easy money is part of the American Dream. Who hasn't spent time daydreaming about becoming one of those overnight millionaires? 

But your high school economics teacher was probably right: There's no such thing as a free lunch. With the exception of the occasional lottery winner, making real money takes time and effort. Still, there are legitimate ways you can make extra money to supplement the income from your day job, without breaking your back.

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Make money online for free

You want to make money online without making any investment? It is simple just sign up for Neobux and start making money on internet right now.

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Monday, 11 March 2013

“Who Is Your Blog Audience?!” Top 7 Steps to Discovering Your Ideal Audience

"Stop wasting your time writing such articles your audience is not interested in." 
Create a gallery, build exposure increase credibility and create incredible value for you and your audience by writing articles for your audience which they want to read and share. ' 

How to reach your blog audience
Seems reasonable, does not it?Sit down, ready to guide your own value in the article, but there's a catch ... You do not know who your audience is! So what to do.......

Use these tips to know who your audience is and how you can open the door to a new audience.

Top 7 Steps to find your ideal audience
 1. Who are they? 
Family or clients or customers, just identify each part of the audience hearing today.

2. You want to? 

Identify new areas from where you want to add to your ideal audience today. Take account of their needs or barriers to the additional commitment for your platform. Try to Involve them.

3. Create profiles 
Create a character for each sector of the audience. Consider the demographics, hobbies, professions, needs, desires and problems and the knowledge, perceptions and objectives. Specify the value that you are able to adapt to each piece.

4. Find the harsh realities 

Apply survey, investigation etc and try to know what attracts your audience to your current platform and what is your ideal audience here and there. Does he know what is available to them? Is it because they do not think it is for themselves?

5. Join the Public
Search, subscribe to the network. Get a solid foundation in your niche to see how others in your niche are maintaining public relations. Determine the buzz they create, what they write about and how they deal with their public (eg, social networks, newsletters, newspaper articles recently published, and so on).

6.Get involvement, participate and Engage!

Start participating and commenting and write useful content that solves problems of your audience and answers to all their questions. Write interesting topics that are searched by the public.

7. Discover search terms 

Use these search terms to find out how your current audience is looking for you, and how new  members in general will find you! Continue to improve these words to write new articles as you are working to find and refine your audience.

"Knowledge is power."Knowledge of the above Top 7 tips is essential to help you on all aspects of strategic planning for your platform, not only for writing the article. Think about who you are, and how to create unique value for each segment of your audience, and what are the solutions that can provide information to their advantage. Give your power efforts with these tips to deepen your current audience participation, and increase and diversify participation and loyalty, and open the door to a new audience.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Simple Traffic Strategies for a Post-Panda and -Penguin World

Here are some key elements to promote your blog to get the flow of traffic to your messages from a variety of sources and none of them has anything to do with search engines autonomy.

1. Publish your posts on social networks

Bloggers have a great advantage that many business owners who started the year, and it is the influence of social media. Once you've written and posted your message, and of course, the first thing you should do is to announce this posting for people in your networks and social media. Remember, however, that if you write a message at 2 am, you'll want to wait for news sites and social media with your followers are most active.

Social networking sites that have proven to generate traffic as follows: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

Make sure that you include social media sharing buttons on your blog, bloggers, is still a very large number of you do not have to remember one thing: I can not talk about social media without talking about SEO. We can influence and improve the other.

Search engines like Google have started to give importance to social cues when it comes to search rankings. So, whenever you build your social influence with more tweets, more love, more action and more of your pin content, in addition to displaying your content Google will classify your content based on the faith of your readers.

Bing search engine now incorporates the impact of social classification Klout social tool in their box.

Bottom line: If you've been avoiding it or play with it, and it's time to get serious about becoming more social.

 2. Announce messages to your sphere of influence

It is a strategy many bloggers avoid like the plague. One of the cool things about a blog is that you can write what you want, when you want, and I've tried a lot of cool things on your blog without having to obtain the consent of the latter.

Unfortunately, this "alone on an island" approach does not work when it comes to getting real readers of your blog. It takes a village to raise a blog!

Identify and build a circle of people that you know your blog is on the Internet and share their lists with their communities and social media. Department does not need to be great. Even if you know two people will put your content in front of a lot more than doing it alone. These can be friends, who also wrote and coaches you have worked, or commitments that you made on social media.

To communicate with my sphere of influence, I created a small group, in particular Facebook, an invitation to join, and now declare all other objects that can easily post a link to them. There are also some other prominent bloggers to send personal e-mail and the content they share. Blogger recently told me of his list which resulted in more than 142 subscribers to my insisted on a 48-hour period. This is great for e-mail!

Think of two people you can meet up today and ask them to be ready to engage in the
mutual promotion of blog. Most bloggers say yes.

 3. Messages on strengthening communities blogs 

I thought blogging communities are a waste of time. I was wrong. Many of the bloggers who are getting major traffic to their sites are very active in blogging communities and have been for a long time. That's the kind of people who think like, want to meet and begin to build relationships with other like minded bloggers.

Promote their own content on these communities.
Friend them on the communities.
  Share their posts on social media.
  Write guest posts for them.

When you do, you will begin to be part of the "click" of bloggers who support and defend each other.4. Announce messages to the list  

Strangely, many bloggers forget all email suscribers, some bloggers have tunnel vision and are only concerned about "new traffic" that come to their sites, but they are an important source of traffic to the blog, an essential source of traffic to any blog is return visitors. Back Visitors enjoy your content, and more likely to be word of mouth, and share your content on their social networks, comment on your posts and work on a call to action that you include in your articles.

To get subscriber traffic, make sure that you offer ample opportunities and incentives for visitors to opt into your list: top of site, right sidebar, after posts, in guest posts, etc
It is also important to provide
subscribers with more of an opportunity to read your messages. For example, sending a newsletter that has a new article on your site in the upper part of the week, but you can write an email at weekend that gives a summary of all articles have been published on the blog these days. This ensures that you regularly get visitor traffic to your site every week. 

Some useful tips to keep in mind 

1. Build you backlinks over time! Avoid building lots of links during a short time frame!
2. check that to create links from many alternative locations, mistreatment totally different methods (not solely article submissions, for example)
3. Build quality links, you are doing not want 100s of low quality backlinks!

Social SEO

1. produce social profiles for your web site
2. Interlink Profiles and your web site
3. Link from your web site to your profiles
4. move on those networks
5. Post quality content and link back to connected article on your web site

Since the last Google updates, the most important task is to utilize high quality and unique content! Feel free to add your ideas or ask any questions you got one.

What are the strategies to promote a blog that you can use to generate more traffic to your website? I would like to hear about it in the comments.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

How to Attract Your Audience Attention

How to grab your audience's attention and continue to attract through.........

If you just write "for" your target audience, without understanding how to make them participate in your discussion, then you can be missing an important element. After the implementation of the strategic research, as you know now what your audience wants to hear, but do you know how they want to hear?

Writing articles which motivates readers to become vested convincingly makes a big difference in the activation of your action plan for
fantastic click through rate..

Show your expertise and indulge your audience with these blog or article writing tips.:Write compelling blog post or articles withe these awesome article writing tips 

1. Emotional appealWhat motivates you? How do you feel before taking any direct action? Desire, fear and hope, and flattery are examples of common emotional appeals. A desire to succeed is an excellent base to keep in mind when writing articles. Readers want information from you to succeed in there niche.This where "think big" comes into action, see the whole view of the subject, or the question of the situation. How can you use this idea to attract (and keep) readers? Add a little sparkle:Simple Standard title: "Article Writing Tips"

Emotive title: "Get readers for your content: 5 tips for writing powerful articles" 

2. Using the power of words Talk with your audience directly! Use the power of words, such as "you" and "your" engage the reader and make them feel unique and different from the crowd. Internet is used by hundreds of millions of people every day, making readers or visitors to your blog or website feel welcome is necessary to ensure their return.

Standard text: "In order to become a successful blogger, one have to practice in their spare time to the maximum extent possible."

Powerful text: "Do you really want to become a successful writer practice as much as possible during your free time to reach your goal!"

3. The ability to answer questionsAs an expert writer and composer your niche, you are aware of all possible public inquiry in reply to your message. Don't cross the minds of your readers, by hanging there "what and Ifs" in comment section. Gain their trust answer those queries with and bring up possible objection within the same space , this will increase your credibility. 

4. Repeat, repeat, repeat( Key word)Repetition is the key! You have a small fraction of the time to "install" the message in the memory of readers. Present your theme and your key several time. For example, start your text with the this, "Try to practice writing in your spare time as much as possible," and ending with a similar idea, "make sure you use your free time wisely to improve your writing as soon as possible."

5. Create a short and sweet
Repeating the message doesn't mean being verbose or derived in your message! You can  process information in a better way and control usually in the shortcut. Paragraphs long and tedious become overwhelming, message is lost in the mass directly. This does not mean your style should be the bold or brusque. Be concise and comprehensive to be effective.Deliver your expert opinion to your audience reasonably sized paragraphs or lists, keep them interested and expecting situation.

did this post help u in any way share your experience,

Let us know - we'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to Increase Your Exposure and Traffic with Good Titles

How articles speak to readers?

Your article speaks volumes about your experience must also be fair. After all, who knows
your niche better than you?  

But what about your title?  

It is not just the content that delivers whisper your article, or they do not attract the reader's attention and shed light on what is already up in their minds curious?When you sit down to write, and think about what your audience is looking for. You already have the meat of your content is ready to display in your article, your business is now to show them what you serve with a clear idea of ​​what they are about to be able to digest. The title should be your top delicious that will shouting "love at first bite!"Why titles are important?

the traffic you need




With information bombarding us every day, it is used to filter all content derived. Readers choice in their quest for juicy anecdotes, and good information. They want content that is unique and can provide on their behalf. Your title should "fight" so to speak from your audience and constantly sends attention on you, and Expert Author. You can assert yourself and your brand and your headline is the first impression that nobody can do more.points to remember while writing your title:

1) Stuffed floor to avoid disturbing and addresses. It is the title of this player grammatically correct to better than one who stumbled with junk.     

2)What is your view? Is it sad or sharp? In an attempt to express a few words as possible what your article is about. The first words the reader sees whether they were still to display your content or simply spend your article.
Tell the truth. Getting stung with Pinocchio's nose hurts, do not do it with your title. Reaching alias promise and build trust with the public.

4)Be clear and transparent. Send your squeaky clean or cluttered? Not reached reader travel with an address of confusion.Need help? Remember at writing time and get suggestions.....Let's face, ideas do not always fall from the sky on your knees. If you are having a hard time coming up with the title, or you just need some ideas and titles written that can help you save time and increase exposure. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How to choose Headline for Better SEO Traffic?

Most bloggers spend their time producing hundreds of quality articles that never get a fraction of the organic traffic they deserve.There are so many things which comprise of a great blog post. There’s the topic. There’s the writing style and overall quality. But few things compare to the headline. After all, your headline is the first thing that your readers will see, and is probably the most important factor in determining if they will actually read your article.

While getting actual human readers is our primary goal, search engines also matter—a lot. They can, however, add complexity to the original problem. Your headlines need to be written for humans and robots, and they need to bring in big traffic from both sides. In blogging, there are two big headline goals:

  1. Get your viewer to actually read the post.
  2. Provide Google with the fuel you need to bring you big traffic.
How do we write headlines that win big for both readers and robots? Here are a five things that you can do to improve your headlines right now.

Your blog post title is important to your article’s search engine optimization. Especially, the first 3-6 words of your title are crucial to your SEO.  Choosing words for your title involves knowing which keywords are used by your potential audience to find what you offer in your content. It may sound like a beginner’s move, but learning to recognize a great headline is vital to writing headlines that excel in search. 

How can we execute this simple step?

 Easy. Observe your own actions. 

Day in and day out, we are all using Google to perform a variety of searches. What is it that you are searching for? Like it or not, Google knows. 

Your blog post title is important to your article’s search engine optimization. Especially, the first 3-6 words of your title are crucial to your SEO.  Choosing words for your title involves knowing which keywords are used by your potential audience to find what you offer in your content.
Take a look at the following examples that illustrate the difference between a non-keyword rich title and a keyword rich title:

Very bad title example:

Top 3 Secrets to Choosing a Killer Title For Your Blog”
Can you tell why this is a wrong choice of words? Obviously, none of the first 7 words of this title will ever be used as a keyword when a person is searching for information on this topic.
Good keyword rich title example:

How to Choose a Blog Title – 3 Secrets to Help You Choose the Best Title for Your Blog”
Excellent keyword rich title example:

“Blog Titles – How to Choose a Blog Title Using 3 Little Known Secrets. Is that Boring or What?

So how do I know the difference between these titles?

Use Google Keyword Tool to See The Global Monthly Searches Of The First 3-6 Words of Your Title

In the second example listed above, “how to choose a blog title” has 36 Global Monthly searches (as per Google KW Tool), whereas in the example of an excellent title, “blog titles” has 6,600 searches.

the top 3 secrets to” has no searches. What you also will see, if you do the Google Keyword study, is that Google suggests other keywords, such as “best network marketing companies”. This means that by starting your headline with a phrase like “The top 3 Secrets…” you are telling Google to place your article in an area totally unrelated to your topic.
Note: I dare not do a keyword search on “the top 3 secrets to choosing a killer…” because the FBI may be at my door!

What is the point of using “Is that Boring or What?” at the end of the headline?

Well, this last bit at the title’s end has no global monthly searches, so why do I use it? We said that negative words attract more direct traffic. I use it at the end of the title where it has a smaller SEO impact and the reason is to attract eyeballs coming from direct visits. This is the bit of the title that enticed you to read this post if you came to this post following a link from another blog.

Why is the last title more effective?

Because it does not waste the first 3-6 words of the title with meaningless words like “the“, “top”, or the number “3“,  or unrelated words like “secrets“,  “choosing”, or ”killers” and gets right to the important words that might be found when someone is using a search engine to research a topic related to your article.

that's all now your turn ...........