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Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to Increase your Adsense Earnings

As much as Adsense is supposed to make sense, most of the times, it does not. I often sit in front of my computer screen thinking, Why can’t my Adsense show more related ads? Why nobody click on my bloody Adsense ads? And, why, even if there are people clicking on my ads, the money in my Adsense account still close to 0 (nil)? The reason is simple, as I realized it after doing stupid things for a while, I have not mastered the Adsense Tricks. But I know Some Ultimate Deadly Moves that Google masters use to obtain maximum CTR (some sort of brain scanning term…. No, it’s click-through rate) and revenues. So, what are those 7 Deadly Moves? 

1. The Hundreds Variants Trick
This Google Adsense trick is used by varying your Adsense ad shapes, sizes, and forms. You could have some ads in the form of red skyscraper shape text boxes, while others are in blue rectangular ones. Or probably you want to mix text ads with images or even search, or video ads? Feel free to do it. The whole point of this trick is to not let your readers feel annoyed by the same boring text/image ads. So, experiments are the key here.

2. Blend-In Trick
You know what is the best thing you could do with your ads? Blend them in with the texts or images in your page so that your readers would not even realize when they actually clicked them. They thought they clicked on a link to another one of your pages but HA HA, they were sent to Google Advertisers (evil ideas…) You could blend your ads with your article by changing your ads colors, text sizes, fonts used, etc. You could also used the relatively new Adsense Text Link Ads that is claimed by some internet marketers to have a higher CTRs.

3. Competitive Keywords Trick
I am sure that by now, you would have known that every single Google Adsense ads are priced differently, depending on the popularity of its keywords. Some ads only cost 20 cents per click, while others cost as much as 2 dollars or more. So knowing the price of the Adsense keyword you’re betting on (by writing an article that focused on that particular keyword) is essential to maximize your Adsense revenue. Use tools like Keyword Discovery Tool by Trellian. Or just search Google Adwords to know the rough cost of a particular keyword. If you just want to know how popular a particular keyword is, go to Google Trends or About.ask.com

4. Custom Search Trick
We don’t like the feeling of someone getting rich selling us things we might not actually need, even though that might have been the case. That’s why we don’t particularly enjoy advertisements on TV (oh ok, some Super Bowl commercials are fine…), or billboards, or newspaper ads, or any other type of advertisements. Except when we are actually interested in that particular product or service. For example, when we are thinking of buying a new LCD TV, we actually trying to find, sometimes subconsciously, all the ads or news regarding LCD TV. Our minds are suddenly absorbent to these ads. It affects us much more than usual. By understanding this psychological condition, we could then conclude that the most powerful Adsense ad types is the Adsense for Search. When a user is searching for something, his intention is clear, he is trying to find a product or a piece of information. He is ready to click on any links presented by your search engine. So, by integrating Google Adsense to your search engine, you capitalize on this particular condition and, in the process, gains more from Adsense.

5. Extreme Measure Trick
Google limit your Adsense ads to 3 regular Adsense ads, plus 1 link units per page. This limit actually gives you plenty of ads to put in one single page, so make sure you don’t take this for granted and utilize an extreme measure to let none of your visitors escaped from your site without seeing at least one ad. Just remember, if the visitors to your site do not see your ads, they would not click it.

6. Specific Page Content Trick
This is the most important trick to get the best out of Adsense, no matter what other Adsense Tricks you are using. Writing a keyword-focused article is that is tailored towards your Adsense offering have been used by some of the most successful names in online blogging industry. I cannot give you a website link(s) to internet articles that actually do that because I do not feel like offending anyone. This type of articles are usually in the form of product reviews or talking about a particular book author or someone famous. Then there are links (Google Adsense links) to Amazon or other advertisers that sell the books or products related to the article.

7. Channel Trick
Remember the reason why you track your website with Google Analytics? No? It is to know what visitors do in your site, how long they stayed, what country do they come from, etc. This information would then be the guide that you could use to improve your site design. You could do the same with Adsense, except that you now have less thing to track. But, it is effective enough to know which ad is successful, and which is not. Which one is effective and which one is not. And then you could focus your attention to only those that are actually making money and eliminate the rest. To use Channel, just go to Google Adsense Admin Panel, then click on Channels Tab. Put these Adsense Tricks in good use, and please leave comments below.



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