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Thursday, 19 April 2012

How To Earn Money From Google Adsense

Making money with Google Adsense is actually fairly simple. All you have to do is apply for Google Adsense, choose the look of the ads using Google's comprehensive tools, place the code on your site and keep writing killer content. This is a great way to display relevant ads on your site and get paid to do it.
Learning how to make money with Google Adsense is probably the easiest way to make money online.
Google AdSense is the most popular way used by website publishers to monetize their sites and blogs today on the internet; However, it is surprising that many people fail at being successful with Google AdSense.To understand Google Adsense Strategies properly we also need to talk a little about about Google Adwords. These are two separate programs that work together. Google Adwords is where an advertiser would go to buy advertisement when they need to advertise their website. Usually these ads show up in Google's results page, but they are also displayed on Google's partner sites, which is where you(Publishers) come in.

When you sign up to run advertisements for Google Adsense you will be known as a publisher. Google pays you as a publisher when your Adsense ads result in a click from your site to an advertisers site. While Google will not say exactly how much you will make from each click, most online publishers will agree that its probably almost a little more than half what the advertiser pays per click.
When approached with the proper strategy, an excellent income can be generated by anyone willing to put a little time and effort into making AdSense work. In this article,I will show you what it takes to make money with Google Adsense and more importantly, how you can get started making money with Google Adsense.
Get ready for some interesting strategies.........

you may be thinking..........
How Much Money Can You Make With Google Adsense?

To your delight, the sky is the limit, frankly.
But one thing about Google Adsense is that you are not likely to earn a lot of money right from the beginning.
Seriously ask yourself this question:
Would you like to be paid $4k a month? Or being paid $0 in the first month but getting a pay rise of $100 every month thereafter?
If your answer is the former, Google Adsense may not be for you.
But if your answer is the latter, that’s the kind of money Google Adsense can give you - at the minimum! When approached with the proper strategy, an excellent income can be had by anyone willing to put a little time and effort into making AdSense work. Some people have even replaced their day jobs with the money that they receive through AdSense, and it is possible to replicate their success - however, it is realistic to make $1,000 a month after the proper steps have been taken,

What It Takes To Make Money With Google Adsense?

I’ll keep my answer short. You need to:
Step 1) Select a good Niche.
Step 2) Conduct keyword research
Step 3) Churn out good articles based on the right keywords
Step 4) Build SEO friendly pages.
Step 5) Build links (to boost your search engine rankings)

If you are new to internet marketing, every one of these 5 steps can be a challenge to you. But trust me, each of these steps are simple skills that you can learn and master. Once you’ve mastered these 5 steps, you simply have to repeat these steps again and again.

Step 1) Choosing A Good Niche.

If you want to achieve your Adsense dream than your first step must be to select proper niche, The main thing to keep in mind is that you need your blog to pay well, and while you might love a certain topic,  it's important to know how many people feel the same way. The reason you need a good, high paying niche (i.e. consumer electronics, health and fitness, credit cards, home mortgage loans, etc.) is because the ads that will be displayed on your website will pay you more for every click. Adsense will normally show highly targeted and relevant ads. This being the case, but in beginning it's probably not a good idea to build a site just because there are higher paying keywords associated with a particular niche. You will get bored and stop adding fresh content making it very hard to make money with your Google Adsense Strategies. It is always better to build a site that you are genuinely interested in and then find the highest keywords that are related.

Step 2) Conduct Keyword Research

It is very important to do a good amount of keyword research rather than picking some relevant words and crossing your fingers. You need to know how often a word or phrase is searched for, how much competition there is, how much competition there will be tomorrow, and how you can beat the competition by making your website more relevant and dense with the aforementioned keywords.The next step is to determine which of the keywords you picked has the least competition.
For example, if one keyword search in Google returns 1,000,000 pages, and a similar related keyword search returns only 10,000 pages, you are more likely to show up on Google when someone searches for that keyword which only has 10,000 pages. The lower the number of pages on Google, the better chance you have. 
So, pick a relevant keyword for your niche that is searched for a lot, but has relatively low competition. The next step in the process is to build your website around the information you have just gathered.

Step 3) Write Killer Content

This is the step most encouraged by Google and therefore the method most likely to reap significant long-term benefits. Basically you have to create large quantity of quality webpages,  It is the long-term approach of making money with Google AdSense and requires a lot of time and patience to accomplish successfully. Just try to talk to your audience, your readers are real peoples,  so are you just try to understand what they want talk to them with your blog, imagine they sitting in the same room in front of you.
Most people looking for solutions online are likely skimmers. Organize your content in to easy to follow bite size bits of information. This will help your reader to stay focused. Using bullet points can also help overall readability and impact.
this will help you increase click through %.

Step 4) Build SEO Friendly Pages

Writing SEO friendly content is not hard. And unlike most people think, it doesn't have to result in stilted, ugly prose.  SEO friendly content is just content that was written with some attention paid to how a search engine might see the content.
SEO Friendly Writing Does Not Mean Writing for Search Engines The first and foremost thought in your mind when working on content for your Web pages is that you're writing for people not for search engines. Just give some attention and you can have a readers friendly SEO content ranking high on search engines and bringing in loads of free traffic.
Writing SEO-friendly content should become a habit, not a one-time shot. Posting frequent, new content will train Google that your site updates itself frequently. This has site-wide benefits. So make it a habit to post new keyword-heavy, SEO-friendly content on a schedule that you can maintain - perhaps weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Just as with physical fitness, make a commitment to writing SEO-friendly content and stick with it. Discipline and habit will be rewarded. 

Step 5) Build Links  (Boost Search Rank)

So why do you need inbound links? Two reasons. First, it's an opportunity to receive referral traffic from another website. An inbound link from a blog is an avenue for that blog's readers to visit you. But depending on the amount of traffic that blog or website receives, the link may send a low volume of traffic.
SEO requires you to build links more than anything else. Why? Because the more quality sites that link to you, the more they think you must have a good web site. It's that simple. No good links, no top page ranking.
Inbound links are the "currency" of the internet, and a website rich with inbound links will naturally rank better in search engines. Great! So should you haphazardly link to yourself in random directories, plead to your grandma to link to you from her cat photo blog, and call it a day?
No. All inbound links are not treated equally. Instead, you should focus on getting good, healthy inbound links from authoritative sources.

There are no real risks to these method as long as Google’s Terms of Service (ToS) are adhered to.

Google’s Terms of Service (ToS)

You will always make more money with Google by working with them and not against them. For that reason before getting started it is a good idea to have a look at Google Adsense Program Policies. Google is serious about giving their Adwords customers the best possible service for their money and doesn't take kindly to publishers committing click fraud or other rule violations. You could get lucky and get a warning, but most likely you will get your Google Asense account disabled or suspended! Here are a few of the basics, but be sure to read Google's Rules & Regulations.

Click Fraud
Keep your mouse away from the ads! Don't click on ads don't have friends click on your ads! Google will know and you will get banned.

Don't Ask For The Click
Asking, holding contest or hinting that readers click your ads is another big no no. Think about if any of these persuasion techniques actually does result in a click, its not very likely that its going to benefit the advertisers.

Never Alter The Code Never use any web page editing software or any type of HTML code to edit the Adsense code in anyway. If your unhappy with the way the code looks or the way it is performing and want to change the size, color or font always do so using Google Adsense customization tools.




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