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Friday, 27 April 2012

Why Backlinks Are Important

Back links
To understand why a website needs back links, you must know what a back link is. A back link is a hyperlink coming from an external website to your website,  A back link is an incoming link posted or created on another site resulting in a click-able link that leads back to your website. A good example would be a back link that is created by posting a short summary of your website on an online directory.

A website is created with the purpose of being seen. Having a website is an opportunity to reach across borders and to deliver your message to a wast no. of internet users. Many websites are not able to achieve this goal because they do not become visible in the eyes of the search engines. Unless someone types the exact URL of your website on their browser and visits your site directly.

Majority of surfers(internet users) use a search engine to find something they need. suppose your site has exactly what they are looking for. but you are not alone there are millions of other websites with the similar information. So,perhaps  it will be very hard, likely impossible, for your website to show up on the first few result pages without generating sufficient backlinks. To increase your chances of ending up in a visibly higher position on the organic search results it is essential that your site increases its backlinks on a weekly basis. 

The more backlinks that are connected to your site, the more relevant your site becomes in the eyes of search engines. Also, there is a connection between the quantity of backlinks a site has and its page rank. A backlink is like a trust vote from other sites, it means they trust your site and recommend it for relevance. If you have more backlinks your pagerank will increase. Not only do more backlinks increase page rank and relevancy, it drives traffic back to your site due to increased visibility

Now you probably want to know about how to build backlinks?
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