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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Earn more with google adsense

when publishers were complaining about the minimal amount of control Publishers have over the ads that are shown,

The Adsense Ad review center is now more powerful and allows you to review all ad types after they’ve run on your pages, whether they’re contextually-targeted, placement-targeted, or interest-based. Make decisions on individual ads and block multiple ads at once to help you save time.
  • More ad targeting types: You can now review and take action on contextually targeted and interest-based ads, as well as placement-targeted ads.

  • Take action on individual ads: You don’t have to block an entire ad group just to block the one ad you don’t want anymore. You now take decisions on individual ads rather than ad groups.

  • Full size preview: To help you review small image ads, we’ve added a magnified view when you hover over an ad and also the option to switch to a fully expanded view.

  • Ads ranked by impressions: To ensure that you’re always reviewing the most importants ads first, we now show ads ranked by the number of impressions that they’ve received. With ads that you’re holding for review, we show the ads according to the number of impressions that we project they will receive.

  • Pre-approve and block AdWords accounts: For clarity, we've changed the term "advertiser" to "AdWords account." You’ll find your lists of pre-approved and blocked AdWords accounts on the Settings tab.
 For more details have look at the video



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