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Monday, 23 April 2012

Why Keywords Research is Important

Keyword research is the lifeline of any website’s search engine optimization. Keyword research is an important search engine optimization (SEO) tool.  First and foremost, you need to know what actually these keywords are,  nothing complicated; a keyword is just a word or phrases that Internet user’s type into the search engines so that they can find their required information.

This sends the web traffic to your website, especially the web pages if these are highly searched keywords. The content on the web page should be relevant, unique, fresh, and extremely useful to the readers to help your keyword research really achieve great success.

Keywords Reasearch
Why do people search online? What are they searching? Key questions that an SEO would consider while hosting a website for search engine optimization. As per a survey, online searches are done for different reasons which could be as follows:

1) For seeking Information: 
 Internet offer a tremendous scope as a means of information peoples use internet for finding almost everything everywhere. The unending thirst for knowledge could be as mundane as finding the recipe to make egg omelet or as bizarre as searching the exact place where the last Aline was sighted! The search in such cases is done to seek out info on any given subject, with instant results. The intention of such search does not go beyond the first moment of information gathering. These are non-commercial searches.

2) For finding out an specific item (website, car.etc):
Some peoples already know about a particular website, but they search the web for more options they want to find out the best players, An online user searching for used cars in his locality would know which site to navigate to, but he may search the web for other similar business in his locality.
These searches could either be commercial or non commercial.

3) For Commercial purpose only:
It is a proven fact that 95% of web surfers use search engines to find what they need. They use certain specific power keywords more often, especially when they intend to buy, rather than just to browse aimlessly. You, as an internet marketer, need to know these power keywords especially about your niche market to attract these surfers to your products’  sales pages, (websites, Blogs) convert them to customers, and profit from your online sales.

As a Blogger you need to attract as many visitors as you can as only a little percentage of visitors will click on the advertisements shown on your blog.You need to attract massive web traffic with your search engine marketing (SEM) effort to earn from the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

you must keep these things in mind: 
  • Use the right keywords (including key-phrases) that are relevant to your web page content. This is important, because the search engines and your web page visitors will turn away from your web pages if they find that your keywords do not match the content.
  • The keywords should be able to describe the entire content in few words. For example, using “weight loss workouts” as a key phrase should also have relevant content describing exciting workouts that help reduce weight. Also, remember that you will need to tap the keywords that are popular, but are also less saturated on the search engines.
  • Use the keywords that are highly searched by most people.  “Credit Card” is a highly searched key phrase. If your web page content has high quality and optimized content describing this key-phrase, then using this key-phrase will definitely attract people searching for solutions using this particular key-phrase. Use this free tool to research keywords.
  • Keyword research for such power keywords and phrases will easily disclose which keywords are highly searched for. The research will help you decide which keywords can be selected for your web page content and help your website prosper.
  • Use the keywords that are low competition keywords. This is a very important factor that can immediately get you the highest search engine ranking. Low competition keywords are those keywords, especially the long-tailed keywords that are highly searched for on the internet, but not many internet marketers are optimizing their web pages for these power keywords. Hence, they do not have many search engine results and allow your web page to really get top position if you find these power keywords and optimize your web page content with them, before your competitors catch up.
 After selecting your power keywords, you must also decide how, where, and in what density to use them on your web pages to really generate massive web traffic to your website’s or Blogs home pages.

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