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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Make Money On Internet The Simple Way For Beginners

This is an easy to follow article on how to make money on internet and make a living. This is basically intended for beginners with no experience of whatsoever on how to make money on internet. I hope this simple article will help people to get started with. Please do give feed backs so that we can make this article better and more useful.
Bad news is, making money on internet is time consuming and difficult, but good news is,  the process is very simple and straight forward. If you have enough patience and ready to persevere for at-least 3 – 6 months you would be on the right track. We are not talking about any quick money making programs here, but the old fashioned and simple way to start with no investment. 
All the tools and information you need is freely available on internet, the only thing you have to do is to use it wisely and intelligently. For a beginner who wants to  start a website and start earning money, I would suggest Blogging even though there are many other ways to make money on internet which we would be posting on our website in future.  And the reasons for this are mentioned below.

  • You need not have to spend a single penny for setting up a blog other than your internet bills.
  • You need not have to have a paid hosting account to host your blog.
  • You need not have to search for a web designer to create a website.
  • You need not have in depth knowledge of websites, programming languages and internet.
  • And the best thing is your blog will have a guaranteed uptime of 99% since it is hosted by Google.

Now lets begin. To start the process, we need to have below setup.

1) A Gmail Account which I believe you m igh be having one already.
2) Signup with blogger.com with your Gmail account.
3) Register for Adsense program 
4) Register for Adwords (Optional) by visiting adwords.google.com.
The 4th step is optional. This is only required if you are ready to pay an amount to promote your website. You can opt for this when you website becomes fully setup
and you become knowledgeable about how the system really works and ready to move forward.

Now you need to decide what would be the area of interest which you think you are best in. For eg some would be interested in art, some stock market or in internet etc. Depending on the subject you have decided now its time to create your blog. I would explain this very briefly.

1) Log into blogger.com with your Gmail account.
2) Start setting up the blog, its very easy, self explainable
3) Once your blog is setup, go through the template designer and decide on your blogs look and feel. I would advise to make it look very simple.
4) Start blogging on your chosen subjects.
5) Now, if your adsense is fully setup, you can start monetizing your blog by visiting Monetize button in blogger.com
6) Share your blog in Facebook, Twitter to attract more traffic.
7) Submit your blog to search engines.

 Post regularly and post unique content so that your blog is active, and  believe me search engines likes this a lot.

The book you see below is very useful and packed with full of useful information to help you to get started.
Wishing you all the best 
Happy blogging



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