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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What Is The New Backlink Strategy

If you are so lazy and unoriginal that you can't come up with a sentence of 10- 20 words from almost 200,000 words in the English language, then you should not really use scrape box or programs such as first, because I think  you won't profit anything.

I know many of you won't believe me, however and will continue to
explode the same comments on the Internet indefinitely , If you are concentrating only on the number of back links in listed in Yahoo Site Explorer, thinking that, You did something meaningful for your website SERPs. Think again...........

Always keep in mind that Google also weighs and analyzes the text and keywords in your comments when deciding how to get the back link, when you leave your back link with your comment on a blog. There are probably around 100 of millions of  "Nice Sites,  circulating on the Internet. How much weight Google will give to your comment when it see it the  100,000,0001

It would have worked for 2-3 years before the SEO Automation has become so accessible, but Google is extremely lethal and deadly for non unique content and spam nowadays. It is why the payment of 5000 directory submissions with the same descriptions of 2-3 of your site is almost entirely a waste of money.  

Even the old and proven articles have lost much of there values. There was a time when you simply copy an item, you found online, change the title and the text and post it somewhere and you had some the original content. But after a million different people have begun to do the same, Google adapted and modified their Algorithms. 

If you are about to spend $ 50 on an article submission or directory submission services......... wait and go buy 10 nos of 100% unique articles and submit them to  each of the major sites like Ezine, GoArticles and,Buzzle, etc., and use them correctly also with the video, images and other content on your main page, you will see the more than 10x results what you were expecting from those nearly worthless spam directories .

I don’t believe most of the stories about Google duplicate content penalties anymore, as duplicating good content is what the internet is all about. What I’ve seen more often than not is rather than penalize you Google will simply ignore you, pass you over, and mark your shit as having little to no value to humanity. 

I’ve noticed this even when spinning an article to 40-50% uniqueness. Google is now analyzing number of sentences, paragraphs, synonyms and possibly a dozen other factors,
those engineers much smarter than most of us have whipped up codes for their farms of servers to analyze. It’s the reason why link wheels with 50-100 sites all containing the same spun article on every site with anchor text pointing back to your
site don’t have the same benefit they used to.



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