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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

what is Pinterest | How Pinterest works

Pinterest has enormous potential to attract traffic to web sites, it can attract more referral   traffic than Twitter which is among the 10 most visited websites. Here are some proven ways to attract the attention of the people, improve your clicks and spread the word a new product:

Time counts - Like any social network, and perhaps even more with this demographic, Pinterest.com requires an investment of time. A key is to build relationships with those for the quality of the "pins" on the website. Once they know these influential people that you and your business, they are more likely to display on your product. Focus on users who receive most tastes and Repin.

Keep it simple - the main attraction of the Pinterest is that the site is very easy to use. Everyone has a "board" where desktop images that are all equal. Each photo contains a link to your site nailed (click once on the contact page to see and be seen again at the original location). Through the efforts of social media 75% increase in traffic, with Pinterest generate more of it.

Make sure your company is a party - This advice may seem obvious, but Pinterest is for those recipes, room decor, crafts and do it yourself. If your company sells electrical Sanders may not be a good fit. Not be used to connect to Pinterest perfect demographic: independent fashion designers.
    Start a topic pin on the day - a day topics pins usually lead to repeat visitors. You can also publish a weekly custom design shirts, which are often placed by other users Pinterest new "Bonus" You have often returned to the message. Promotion of more products - the temptation of any business is to sell products only pin you create. A key to send data to interesting news, tips and products from other companies. Pinterest users are competent in the detection of a table that is too selfish and images, is made only of products. Use computer graphics or attract large images, large images and computer graphics to more clicks and the site Pinterest are unreadable.

Follow the Big hitter - One of the best ways is to increase awareness of your company to start it after the big names Pinterest. This test method is based on Twitter: If you follow the popular characters, and further back, other Twitter users to get the message and follow the leader. It is important to know to "fix" those who see their products and continue, if they follow you.

Create boards of interest - Official forums, which tells the story of your company communicates and respect. Take this forum for individuals as part of your sales process. Select the team members of your company in this forum and add attributes as taxpayers, so they pin / share add.

Follow the trends Pinterest - Click on "Popular" link on your homepage Pinterest to see what's popular other barbs. You can incorporate these trends in the design of your strategy.

- If you want to protect your own images, simply add the following code to your <head> their websites.
<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />



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