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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How To get Multiple Content From A Single Idea

Use your credibility and build your entire article library. Here is a trick of the next great idea, that will give you 10 original quality contents from a single article,  closer to your idea of ​​10
different angles! You will not only save time and energy to be consistent and update your credibility.

1 article, 10 angles for 10 products
First Overview - Provide an overview of your basic idea of ​​how and where it originated, and what is the relevance of your market niche, by whom and why.

Second Intermediate - Explain the most complex of his great idea, as the jargon of the niche right in his own words, current trends and / or working against the aforementioned disadvantages.

Third Advanced - look at the principles of his original idea - why they matter and what the consequences to your niche, and the reader. Current evidence and examples to support your application.

4th Assumptions - assumptions about readers today, the concept behind your idea. Assumptions, right or wrong? Help your readers to overcome obstacles and edge, prejudices.

5th References - Provide a text, such as step by step, or talk about what readers and customers (or should do) to accomplish a task or achieve an important goal for his brilliant idea.

6th Comments - Describe the products or services in connection with your idea. Select the features that work very well and take off things that have products or services.

7th FAQ - Find your readers frequently asked questions about your idea for the research forums, comments on social media sites, Internet searches, and much more. The question, then put your answer.

8th Review - The burden of proving critics (and evidence of careful distinction) and provide, as a personal anecdote or an example to support your application. Be informative without prejudice, or the promotion of the negative comments.

9th Comparison - Compare your idea of ​​enlightenment against other practices, complaints, etc. to be described and the similarities and differences in the offer.

10th Futuristic - During his research and writing, you can have advanced knowledge of his original idea. Give them and bind them in the prospects for the future.

When using any angle discussed above, these three buttons to verify that it is successful:

Preparation: Use  fast description outlines for articles each crossing angle to avoid the article. Conciseness: get Full article of 400-700 words, to get interest and syndication upright. Originality: Be sure each piece is unique, ie the content is not repeated in several articles.

Explore your ideas in a new light on these 10 angles in the next series of high-quality products, genuine treat!



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