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Monday, 23 April 2012

Top Paying Adsense Niches

As the Making money online is a worldwide trend nowadays & Blogging is the most sought way to earn money online, peoples are looking for top paying niche to blog about, they search for the following....
  1. Best Adsense niches that pay high
  2. Top paying Adsense niches
  3. List of Adsense categories that pay high
Niche is Money
If you are blogging for money than the proper niche is not always something you know a lot about, or even something you like. The reason you need a good, high paying niche (i.e. consumer electronics, health and fitness, credit cards, home mortgage loans, etc.) is because the ads that will be displayed on your website will pay you more for every click.  Some ads have been known to pay over $5.00 per click, and 99% of the time those ads come from highly competitive sources who pay a lot of money on developing attractive ads. Those companies and people only want their ads displayed where readers are most likely to purchase something from them, so it is important that your niche is unique, relevant, and has good competition. Start searching for keywords that might relate to your website, and you can instantly see how much people are paying to place those ads on a Blog just like yours. 
  • Health & Fitness: Weigh Loss & Fitness, Anti-aging, Cancer, Beauty Tips, Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • Insurance: Car and auto insurance, Auto Insurance Quotes, Health and Medical Insurance
  • Computers & Internet: Computer Hardware, Computer Repairs, PC and Internet Security, Dedicated Hosting, ISP and Networking, Online Degree, SEO software and tools, Web Development, Stock Broking
  • Banking and Finance: Loans and Mortgage, Credit Card,  Credit and Finance, Debt consolidation
  • Legal representation: Lawyers, Attorneys,  Searches for attorney increased the bidding rate for this niche
  • Digital Photography: digital photography schools, certificate, digital photography education, Careers in photography
  • Psychotherapy: We can include this category in health, but i think it is best to treat this as a different niche as it gives more Adsense revenue as a separate site.
  • Real Estate: A damn good niche for getting good Adsense income. Google pays nice price for clicks on these Real Estate related ads.
  • Consumer Electronics: Electronic Items For example: Mobile, Laptops, Gadgets,  and many other Electronic devices
  • Antiques and Collectibles: Another good niche to choose for getting high Adsense income.
  • Dating: There are Lots of lonely hearts out there and the online dating sites are willing to pay more money to find them.
So you may be thinking to Start blogs in all niches and receive huge sum of money from Google Adsense! Right?
That’s really a wrong idea. If you do so, you’ll definitely feel bored in a matter of time and you wont be able to add fresh content to your blog thus you want be able to earn money from Adsense.
Only chose the niche that interests you. It is always advisable to blog on your interests rather than writing just for money. Because, you can write valuable and quality content if the topic you chose is of your interest. Or-Else you have to suffer from poor quality content which in turn affects your visitors as well as the income from Adsense.
So, always choose a niche that interests you, Write Quality Content, Optimize your website for Search Engines using SEO and then boom.. Your website will receive high paid ads thus resulting in good Adsense Revenue.

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