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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to write Killer Content

'Content Is Your Online Business Life Line.'  Content is the life supply of your online business, just like blood is the life supply of your body.Content is also one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site. Search engines find and list all of the websites with content related to the keywords a user enters. If the content on your page is strong and on-topic, then your users will have no problem discovering your site through search engines. And that, That's why it is incredibly important to rise to the challenge of creating quality content that will interest your audience and give you a competitive edge, that's why it is highly valuable.

"If your blogs, websites or article submissions run out of content, your online income will just die."

However, this said, it doesn’t take any kind of content to be really successful online, it takes killer content to have a chance of being above the pack. So, the question you might have is how can I get killer content for my blogs and articles? Let’s see the methods you can use.
  • Focus on giving your readers value
    Work out why your readers have come to your blog and give them your best information every time. Make your blogs posts clear, useful and actionable. Read the bit about focusing on giving your readers value again and make it your blogging mantra or write it down and stick it on the wall somewhere so you focus on it every time you write.
  • Just write as if you were speaking to your best friend
    Use the kind of simple language you use in every day life, don’t confuse people with jargon or too many long words.
  • Give your readers clear instructions
    They’re blog readers not mind readers. If you have tips break them down into easy steps. If you have advice make sure they can understand it. If you want readers to subscribe ask them to. If you’d like them to share your posts on Twitter or Facebook suggest it to them and make it easy for them. If you want them to leave a comment tell them or leave them with a question to answer at the end of your post.
  • Keep it simple
    Telling a story helps but to begin with just make sure your blog post has a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s the information that people want more than anything, a story’s just the icing on the cake.
  • Choose Your Words Wisely. You want to pick the right words that evoke the right amount of meaning with as few as characters as possible. A thesaurus can help with this. For example, if you have a choice between two words, “lighthearted” and “fun,” go with the latter!
  • Get Verbal. Select verbs that are more emotive to get your message across. An example would be to use a word like “leap” instead of “jump.” They’re both energetic verbs with equal characters, but “leap” implies more emotion.
Writing Static Blog Content That Gets More Readers
Writing useful blog posts that clearly give your readers value is key but to convert new readers into subscribers you also need to pay attention to the static content on your blog too, especially the about page. So just write your own content with your own two hands, using your own brain and own ideas.

If you find it difficult to write or have no time than you can hire some one to write on your behalf. or

Use a software to help you create Your killer content
If you don’t know how or don’t have the time to write your own killer content articles, or don’t have the money to spend to have someone else write for you on a regular basis, you can always use a software to help you write your articles.  This kind of software will do a great part of the job for you.  Even though the software is not free, you will pay only one time about $50 to own it for life.  What the software does is basically create a killer content for you as long as you know how to use the mouse of your computer.



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