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Saturday, 28 April 2012

How To Make Money Online

There is so much hype about how to make money online, most of the information available online provides a huge list of a-z ways to make money online. But none of them have the answers you are looking for, most of the information is like sales copy of a turnkey money making system, but not the information you want,  some of you may have opted-in to money making programs gurus’ lists, reading their newsletters, trying and failing different opportunities. Some of you are still confused about How To Make Money Online, so I decided to write my own point of view here once again this is not my first and probably not  last on this topic, I am sure this will help to get a clear Idea on how to make money online for beginners. 

Get over the initial perturbation 

So my first ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - be ready to learn, try, fail and get confused. It’s a natural process anyone will have to go through. During this time, you’re subconsciously building your industry knowledge, marketing senses and business acumen.
Make Money Online
If you're working somewhere  and your employer is looking forward to build simple company website or to run a blog and there is no one in the company who know about website building, you can try your hand just offer your services to volunteer building a site.
I know you don't know anything about website building? Not at all. you can always refer some books like Frontpage For Dummies etc, read those books over a weekend and spend the next one week building the company’s website. With the basic website building knowledge you can polish your skills, and within a matter of time you may be able to build all kinds of websites. This what I call Getting started.
Learn the technical stuff

My second ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - learn the technical stuff. If you believe in those gurus who tell you that you don’t need to know anything technical, well, good luck to you. All I can say is, the more competent you are technically, the more tricks you can do and the higher your chance of success.
Like many of you who have your own website, the next problem you would face will be how to promote your websites and bring traffic. Try to learn seriously about SEO, copy writing, advertising etc. 

Practice purposeful learning

My third ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - practice purposeful learning. Purposeful learning means you only learn things that you need to use now. For example, if you build a content website, you need to learn and practice everything about SEO. If you build a squeeze page, you need to learn and practice everything about copy writing and advertising. Purposeful learning will make the learning process fun and you are more likely to appreciate and internalize what you’ve learnt.

Treat yourself like an employee 

Finally, my last ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - treat yourself like an employee. Apart from thinking of new money making ideas and strategies, all other things about making money online is boring and repetitive. For example, website building is boring and repetitive. Traffic generation is also boring and repetitive. If you treat yourself like an employee, set deadlines for yourself and push yourself to make it before deadlines, you are more likely to complete the boring and repetitive tasks and eventually get the rewards you deserve.

that's all 
happy blogging





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