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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to write SEO friendly content

Consider the infinite number of websites on the internet. Everyday new websites are added which contain new images and videos. Without having good search engine optimization tactics and strategies in place, your websites’ content may very well go unseen.

Effective search engine content can be termed as the content that appeals both to readers and search engines. It can be quite tricky as you are basically writing articles and reviews for readers, but at the same time it is search engines that take your contents to readers. It is not enough just to create a website or blog. Its future development and visibility to search engines is much more important. 

 Creating good and effective content is one of the ways to ensure the success of an SEO campaign. This article talks about how you can create relevant content that can help you in the task of SEO. In this article I will be outlining some recommendations, which will help make your weblog  really successful.
Writing For peoples

First and foremost write for peoples not for search engines
Possibly the most important point in this field, Don’t forget that while climbing the Google rankings may be on your mind, if you write boring, dull and uninteresting copy, people just aren’t going to want to read it. Be exciting, engaging and newsworthy. Your reader’s needs should always come first because ultimately, as the old adage goes, ‘content is king’. 

Write relevant and meaningful content
Search engines have ways of recognizing when a page is not really about what it might seem to be about. If you're playing games with your content to try and fool search engines, it will eventually be found and you'll lose rank or even be banned. It's much better to write content that is relevant to your topic. Meaningful content implies that the content should be relevant to the users who are looking for specific information.

Content should be simple
Content should be simple in terms of language. It should hold the interest of the reader and should flow well. If you create content that is too complex, you can lose your target audience, as there is no dearth of information that is available online. Don’t waste time by adding useless or irrelevant information hoping that this will improve your chances of discovery. If images or videos are going to be used on the website, don’t use text that should be indexed for SEO inside the image.

Content should be unique
Plagiarism is a serious offence on the Internet. Google and other search engines do not tolerate copied articles or content. You must create new and fresh content or take professional help to do the same.

Use lists instead of paragraphs
Lists are easier to get your seo content into without your repetition seeming strange.

Research your keywords
Keyword research is a fundamental and vital part SEO content writing. Research into keywords will allow website developers to figure out what are the top keywords, how they are being used and if there is going to be a change in demands. If keywords are being not being researched, developers will have little or no idea on what web users are looking for. Writers or content developers are urged to make use of the dozens of keyword research websites.

Do create content regularly
In order for your SEO campaign to succeed, you must ensure that you constantly create content to keep the interests of your users alive. If you do not keep updating the content, search engines will no longer find a reason to ‘crawl’ your webpage and this will let your competitors get ahead of you.

Don’t do keyword stuffing
Google and other search engines find it extremely fishy if you use the keyword too many times. Moreover, they have software support that analyzes and understands when keywords are misused. This can get your website into trouble with the search engines which is again, the total opposite of SEO. Again, Vancouver SEO specialists have the expertise to take care of this issue for you.

Don’t let search results alone dictate your content
Remember that first and foremost you are creating content for your users. Yes, SEO is important and should not be put on the backburner, but creating meaningful and stimulating content comes first. Figuring how to let your content become SEO friendly comes after you have created good content. Don’t let the search engine fluctuations dominate your time. Concentrate on the task in hand and you will get good results.

Review before you post
Once you have created content, it is imperative that you review it. Of course, if you have taken the services of professionals,  then they ensure that the content is SEO friendly. However, if you are creating your own content, keep in mind the following

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