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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Welcome To Online World

         I know you are sick of blogs, e-books, guru garbage all full of complicated nonsense we all see promising to teach us "how to make money online?" I have seen some people selling product that they swear a jackass idiot can use to make a fortune … overnight …sitting in a coffeehouse or on the beach … in just two hours a day........... be sure this is not how it is done.
  "The number one reason people fail to make money online is that they believe that with little or no work they will instantly begin to make thousands of dollars."       
To earn money online, honestly it is not that simple, let's get real about this making money online is just like making money offline, takes real work. However some of us might wish to have that magic button, which they can press at will and get a steady income stream going, that's not how it works here in online world. Scams, pyramid schemes, dodgy traders and fly-by-night sites abound: none of these are going to get you closer to paying off your debt or quitting your day job.

Today I will teach you the simplest way to make money online without any investment, before I get started , let me introduce you the amazing online world, I know you are reading this because you got the buzz that peoples are making 1000's of dollar daily online and you are looking for the magic door to get in this wonderful online world so you can tap into the wast opportunity available here and take your share from the sea of money, The Internet.

 "from my little experience i have learn that "Internet is like an ocean and its water is money, but no one can drink salty water, to drink sea water one must know how to separate salt from the water, if u succeed in that  than you have the whole ocean at your service full of money."

But till you discover that secret formula what should you do. Isn't there any other way, to start earning money online immediately?
Let me teach you how it is done, first of all be realistic, set a goal say to earn 5$ daily online will be a realistic expectation to start, instead of expecting 1000s or 100s daily, when you reach your goal raise it to 10, 20, 30 and so on, secondly set up a  PayPal or Alertpay account as these are convenient ways of transfer money you will earn online to your bank account.

The simplest way for everyone weather you're employed, unemployed, retired, student, housewife or want to work 2,3 hours from the comfort of your home, with this simple step you will start to make money right away, no-nonsense, spam-and-scam-free way to earn money.  

step 1 Join these two sites now these two sites are Queen and King of Paid to click world you will receive 10 to 15 ads to click daily ad you will make near about 0.03 to 0.04 daily.


Step 2 Visit both sites several times everyday if possible because paid to click adds are not limited you may find new ads available anytime, and don't think that 0.03 or 0.04 is just a fraction of a dollar in my next post i will show you how to convert that 0.03 to 30 dollars daily, by joining these programs you will not make a fortune but definitely you will catchup the right track of making money online. right from the beginning
In my next post we will discuss HOW TO EARN BIG from these programs.
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