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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to Create a Website for Free of Cost

If you have decided to get involved into an online business, one of the first things you should think about is how to promote it quickly and effectively. Website creation proves to be the best solution in this respect. However, you should initially decide what tools to use in order to build a website.
If you are a wealthy person and may afford spending thousands of dollars to use the services of professional website building companies, you are welcome to do that. Still, the majority of online business owners look for different options that will enable them create website free of cost. Though several steps may be required in order to create a website, three of them are the most important: selecting a domain name, choosing a web host and getting the best and the most reliable web building software. A domain is the main thing that identifies your website. That is why it has to be brief and easy to remember. Moreover, it should reflect your business’s specialization. A web host offers you a certain amount of disk space to make your site available on the web. Both a domain name and a web host may be either paid or free.
Speaking about website building, here you will probably face two alternatives. You may either make a website using your designing, programming and coding knowledge or choose a free website builder. As far as the first variant is quite time-consuming and requires considerable efforts, it does not suit the beginners, who do not have sufficient website building experience. The second option is more preferable. Luckily, there are many website builders who allow even the newbies build professionally looking and quality websites using pre-designed templates. Having chosen a design template, you will be able to add graphics and images to your website. You may also change color schemes and fonts in the process of building your website. It is quite easy to learn how to create a website for free of cost using step-by-step tutorials.

If you really need to find a free website builder, just look through the existing ones and choose the one that suits your requirements and your business most. Some of the free web builders are listed below


and there are more, you can Google to find out some more options
These web-services are so easy in usage that even a child may create a website. No special efforts and programming knowledge is required to build a well-designed website. Furthermore, they have all the necessary functions and numerous default templates that may be freely chosen by any user to create his own website free of cost

That is why these universal website builder appeals to many website owners. In addition, they not only a free website builder. they provide the users with hosting option and some disk space as well.



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