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Sunday, 15 April 2012

How to Make Money Online Getting Started (for beginners)

                So, finally you decided to try to 'earn money online' and you are desperately searching for the right way to make money online and you are fed up with blogs, e-books,  pyramid schemes,  affiliate programs, dodgy traders and fly-by-night sites who promise to teach us "how to make money online"? You may have seen some people selling product that they swear a child can use to make a fortune … overnight …
               Do you believe it, they are making a hefty income every month, why.......you may be amazed to hear that cause people like you and me see these lucrative offers and buy stuff which doesn't help us, instead it helps the seller not the buyer, if you are trying to earn money online, honestly it is not that simple, let's get real about this..............Scams, pyramid schemes, dodgy traders and fly-by-night sites abound, none of these are going to get you closer to paying off your debt or quitting your day job. So, what should we do should we quit our desire to make money online, or never try to work from home online.
              Honestly I didn't mean that,  just be careful when you're about to make an entry into online world, for you kind information if you carefully analyze the term 'Internet' you can see that it is made of two words Inter + Net, that means you are Entering in to Net of  hunters by choice, these small nets are referred as webs  which are created by webmasters to hunt peoples like me and you, same as a spider sets its net(web) to catch insects, so if you don't pay attention you may loose your valuable time and money.

            Who doesn't wants to have quality time with family and friends, if you work online for an hour or 2 daily you may get 200$ or 300$ dollars per month, which you can use to pay some of your bills, or to buy something you need.
There are chances if you work smart enough you may be able to earn more than a full time income right from the comfort of your home, so to be successful online you must think smart and work hard, in my opinion you may try these simple steps to get started online.

First of all "No bloody shortcut is there to build an online income." No dearth of ways to make it. Just choose your own way of making money online.

second thing
set reasonable goal to start with, be realistic and try to earn 5$ daily and figure out how to achieve it. Typically, what you put into it is what you get out of it. To make money online, you have to apply yourself

Thirdly don't pay money to start even if you're willing to, first try your hands on free stuffs to earn online, there are plenty of programs available to earn money online without investment. To start with you may try blogger.com It is A product from internet giant Google, they allow you to start your blog for free on their domain, you will get something like
http://yourchoice.blogpost.com, they will host your blog for free.

I know you may be thinking that WTF i know that..............
wow.....if so than tell me how much did you earn till know from your blog.
my dear, just creating blogs is not, how it works....
you have to create your blog the right way this where and why you need guidance, and this is where peoples like me come in..

Select your Niche
Decide what you are going to blog about....say you know well about cooking different cuisine or you're expert in fixing household appliances, than you can write on it that will be you niche.
so just rush to blogger.com sign in with your Google id and try to register your domain with your exact keyword in this case http://cooking.blogpost.com probably it may have been taken so you can try http://cookingwithyourname.blogpost.com or any other slight difference you like.
set up your blog properly.
pull some traffic
apply for Google Adsense and learn how to earn from Adsense.

thats it
Happy blogging

ping your blog



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